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shocking motivation

I’m asked over and over again, “How in the world do you get a person motivated?”

I answer, “When you shock someone with 20,000 volts of electricity, they don’t turn to you and ask, ‘Did you say something?’ No, they move.”

The key question is…Are you motivated?

Because motivated people become change agents.

Teaching to Change Lives, Howard Hendricks, p.113

what do they do where you go?

It’s like what the bishop from England said: “You know, wherever the apostle Paul went, they had a riot or a revival. Wherever I go, they serve tea.”

And what do they do where you go?

Teaching to Change Lives, Howard Hendricks, p.120

revelation = responsibility

So often we see no responsibility in connection to our knowing. We overload the circuits with knowledge, and fail to teach people that when God reveals himself to you, you are responsible. The ball is in your court.

Teaching to Change Lives, Howard Hendricks, p. 89.

planes and plates

Another mark of good training is giving people responsibility with accountability. Our problem in the churches is that we don’t do that. The United States government takes multimillion-dollar planes and puts them in the hands of kids nineteen years old, and when those same kids come to church, we won’t even let them take up the offering.

Teaching to Change Lives, Howard Hendricks, p. 108

Make no mistake: the greatest curse on the Church today is that we are expecting a small corps of professionals to get God’s work done. No way!

Bud Wilkinson, former football coach at the University of Oklahoma, was in Dallas for a series of lectures on physical fitness. A TV reporter interviewed him about the President’s physical fitness program and asked: “Mr Wilkinson, what would you say is the contribution of modern football to physical fitness?” The reporter expected a lengthy speech.

As if he had been waiting 30 years for this question, he said, “Absolutely nothing.”

The young reporter stared and squirmed and finally stuttered, “Would you care to elaborate on that?”

Wilkinson said, “Certainly. I define football as 22 men on the field who desperately need rest and 50,000 people in the stands who desperately need exercise.”

I thought to myself: What a definition of a church! A few compulsively active people run around the field while the mass of the people rest in the stands. But not according to the Word of God!

Howard Hendricks, Say it With Love