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fear of God abandoning us

As I listen to the stories of my directees it strikes me that we all feel abandoned and that we expend great (and frequently misplaced) energy trying to deal with our grief and rage at parental desertion. Misplaced, because we do not tap deep enough for the roots of our fear: that we will be abandoned by God.

Holy Listening, Margaret Gunther, page 99

observing the sabbath

Yet the commandment to observe the Sabbath routinely—even proudly—violated by many of us who are meticulous in our observance of the other nine (commandments.) “Not wasting time” becomes an excuse for neglecting time for true rest and reflection, what the poet Lessing called “the creative pause.” Most importantly, we can use busyness and crowded schedules to hide from God. Even as we delude ourselves that we are being good stewards, we fill our days so tightly that we close God out. Our excessive busyness masks the sin of sloth.

Holy Listening, Margaret Gunther, page74