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never die alone

I was informed that Richard had died alone in a hotel room from a heart attack. However, I knew the true story. I knew that Richard died in a hotel room with Jesus in his heart and right by his side. Now Richard is home with Jesus. He’s not home because he always did what was best and true. He’s home because of what Jesus accomplished for him.

Jim Burgen, No More Dragons, p. 168

sick people show up

If you pursue a life like the one Jesus demonstrated, one where you join with others and become a church that is truly a hospital for sick people, then guess what? Sick people show up. In my experience, a lot of them show up.

And that’s not all. Not only will sick people show up to churches that are genuinely running after Jesus, but guess what they’ll do when they get there? They will act sick.

Jim Burgen, No More Dragons, p. 164-165

true freedom

Even though it might sound illogical, giving up your personal desires, abandoning your current direction, aligning yourself with Jesus’ life, and placing yourself under God’s authority is the only way to experience true freedom.

Jim Burgen, No More Dragons, p.48