Make no mistake: the greatest curse on the Church today is that we are expecting a small corps of professionals to get God’s work done. No way!

Bud Wilkinson, former football coach at the University of Oklahoma, was in Dallas for a series of lectures on physical fitness. A TV reporter interviewed him about the President’s physical fitness program and asked: “Mr Wilkinson, what would you say is the contribution of modern football to physical fitness?” The reporter expected a lengthy speech.

As if he had been waiting 30 years for this question, he said, “Absolutely nothing.”

The young reporter stared and squirmed and finally stuttered, “Would you care to elaborate on that?”

Wilkinson said, “Certainly. I define football as 22 men on the field who desperately need rest and 50,000 people in the stands who desperately need exercise.”

I thought to myself: What a definition of a church! A few compulsively active people run around the field while the mass of the people rest in the stands. But not according to the Word of God!

Howard Hendricks, Say it With Love

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