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little sins

The Puritan, Thomas Brooks, wrote, “Greater sins do sooner startle the soul, and awaken and rouse up the soul to repentance than lesser sins do. Little sins often slide into the soul, and breed, and work secretly and undiscernibly in the soul, till they come to be so strong, as to trample upon the soul, and to cut the throat of the soul.”

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, page 210

in conflict or complacent

There must be a constant and increasing appreciation that though sin still remains it does not have the mastery. There is a total difference between surviving sin and reigning sin, the regenerate in conflict with sin and the unregenerate complacent to sin. It is one thing for sin to live in us: it is another for us to live in sin.

John Murray, Redemption, p.145 quoted by

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p.102

guerilla sin

Sin is like a defeated army in a civil war that, instead of surrendering and laying down its arms, simply fades into the countryside, from which it continues to wage a guerrilla war of harassment and sabotage against the government forces. Sin as a reigning power is defeated in the life of the believer, but it will never surrender. It will continue to harass us and seek to sabotage our Christian lives as long as we live.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p.103

preaching is about preaching christ

James Fraser (1700 -1769) – obscure Scottish pastor

All revealed truth ought to be greatly valued, and received by faith; and , if properly used, may be subservient to the main subject and design of the gospel. But the special subject of the gospel is Christ; and preaching Christ, according to the light and direction of the word of God, is preaching the gospel . . . To preach Christ the SAVIOR and the LORD, is the sum of gospel-preaching.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p.107

motivation to deal with sin

To the degree that we feel we are on a legal or performance relationship with God, to that degree our progress in sanctification is impeded. A legal mode of thinking gives indwelling sin an advantage, because nothing cuts the nerve of the desire to pursue holiness as much as a sense of guilt. On the contrary, nothing so motivates us to deal with sin in our loves as does the understanding and application of the two truths that our sins are forgiven and the dominion of sin is broken because of our union with Christ.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p.151

we need the gospel every day

So if we want to grow in our love for God and in the acceptable obedience that flows out of that love, we must keep coming back to the Cross and the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. That is why it is so important that we keep the gospel before us every day. Because we sin every day, and our consciences condemn us every day, we need the gospel every day.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p.151

how can god love us sinners?

Charles Hodges said:

The great difficulty with many Christians is that they cannot persuade themselves that Christ (or G0d) loves them; and the reason why they cannot feel confident of the love of God, is, that they know they do not deserve his love, on the contrary, that they are in the highest degree unlovely. How can the infinitely pure God love those who are defiled with sin, who are proud, selfish, discontented, ungrateful, disobedient? This, indeed, is hard to believe.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p.151

what are we committed to?

The people of my parent’s generation were generally honest, chaste, sober, and thrifty. They were committed to those values, but they were not necessarily committed to God. Many of them were outstanding moralists and even church people, but they were not committed to God. They were committed to their values, not to God.

As believers we need to be careful that we do not make a similar mistake. We can be committed to a set of Christian values or to a lifestyle of discipleship without being committed to God Himself.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p.151

giving in makes it easier

Every time we give in to a temptation, even though it may seem small and insignificant to us, we make it easier to give in the next time.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p.151

constant enemy of the soul

John Owen is again helpful to us in this matter.

When we realize a constant enemy of the soul abides within us, what diligence and watchfulness we should have! How woeful is the sloth and negligence then of so many who live blind and asleep to this reality of sin, There is an exceeding efficacy and power in the indwelling sin of believers, for it constantly inclines itself towards evil. We need to be awake, then, if our hearts would know the ways of God, Our enemy is not only upon us, as it was with Samson, but it is also in us.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p. 208

no sin

I have often heard a well-known Christian teacher say, “There is no sin which I am not capable of committing.” . . . Our only safeguard is a sense of deep humility as we realize how powerful indwelling sin still is. Never begin to think there are areas of temptation where you don’t need to be on your guard. That could be your downfall.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, p.208

when we sin

When we sin we are more vexed at the lowering of our self-esteem than we are grieved at God’s dishonor. We are surprised and irritated at our own lack of self-control in subjecting ourselves to unworthy habits. . . The first cause of this is self-love, which is unable to stand the disappointment of not seeing ourselves in time of trial come out beautiful, erect, and admirable.

Frederick W. Faber, 19th century British writer

paraphrased by Jerry Bridges in The Discipline of Grace

This quote really struck a nerve with me, it rings oh so true. – PH