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evangelism without social action?

But on the other hand, to think that spiritual evangelism is all there is to mission, is to leave people vulnerable in other ways that are also mirrored in Israel. “Spiritual evangelism” means that the gospel is presented only as a means of having your own sins forgiven and having assurance of a future with God in heaven – without either the moral challenge of walking with personal integrity in the world of social, economic and political society around us, or the missional challenge of being actively concerned for issues of justice and compassion for others. The result is a kind of privatized pietism, or one that is cozily shared with like-minded believers but has little cutting edge or prophetic relevance in relation to wider society. Once can then be a Christian on the way to heaven, and even make a virtue out of paying little attention to the physical, material, familial, society and international needs and crises that abound on every side.

The Mission of God – Christopher J. H. Wright

Page 287