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We have a very clear imperative-to love God with the totality of our being and to love our neighbor as ourselves. This could easily be described, with even more textual justification, as “the great commission, ” for it governs the whole of life whatever our specific calling. This fundamental twin commandment certainly precedes, underlies and governs the so-called Great Commission itself, for we cannot make disciples of the nations without love for God and love for them.

A missional hermeneutic, then, is not content simply to call for obedience to the Great Commission (though it will assuredly include that as a matter of nonnegotiable importance), nor even to reflect on the missional implications of the Great Commandment. For behind both it will find the Great Communication – the revelation of the identity of God, of God’s action in the world and God’s saving purpose for all creation.

The Mission of God, Christopher J. H. Wright