a people of peoples

The people of God is actually a people of peoples, individuals from every tribe and language on this earth who become one people by their union to Jesus. It means Jews and Gentiles. It means Greeks and barbarians. It means anyone, regardless of his or her ethnicity, social status, or past; we’re talking about a people consisting of anyone and everyone who trusts in Jesus and finds in him the significance and happiness we all crave.

Jonathan Parnell, Never Settle For Normal, p. 118


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One response to “a people of peoples

  • BT

    “If I am content to heal a hurt slightly, saying “Peace, peace,”
    where is no peace; if I forget the poignant word
    “Let love be without dissimulation*“
    and blunt the edge of truth,
    speaking not right things but smooth things,
    then I know nothing of Calvary love…”
    Amy Carmichael

    *Note: The meaning indicated here is to speak the same to all people; we do not blunt the edge of truth because of friendships, associations and people with whom we seek advantage. Calvary’s Love destroys the seeking of the approval of men for it brings us to the same heart as the One who offered Himself at Calvary. He died for Jews, Gentiles, slaves and free men. His blood is without dissimulation and so must be our ministration of Him!

    Brian Troxel

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