piety: ignorance, inability or intent

If you were here to stop and ask yourself why you are not as Pious as the Primitive Christians were, your own heart will tell you, that it is neither through ignorance or inability, but purely because you never really intended it.

Quoting William Law
C. S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain, p. 61

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4 responses to “piety: ignorance, inability or intent

  • BT

    Excellent quote and so true. Keep sending out the truth


  • BT

    Private message – I have added your link to my site – Good brothers are hard to find.

  • hypkip

    BT- thanks for the link! I just made this public a few months ago and am hoping it can be a resource for other believers looking for inspirational quotes. May you have a blessed 2017.

  • Maria

    I lovingly share this with several committed members of our forever family. They, like I had at first, almost always visibly flinched. It’s now natural to remind myself, of the beauty and intimacy in my relationship with my Creator, that awaits me as I joyfully and willingly surrender.

    Be still my soul, The Lord is on your side. Bear patiently, the cross of grief or pain. Leave to your God, to order and provide. In every change, He faithful will remain. Be still my soul, your best, your Heavenly Friend, through thorny ways, leads to a joyful end. Be still my soul, your God does undertake, to guide the future as He has the past….in You I rest. In You I found my hope. In You I trust. You never let me go! I place my life within Your hands alone…be still my soul.

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