what prayer is for

So the truth is reaffirmed: God has given us prayer because Jesus has given us a mission. We are on this earth to press back forces of darkness, and we are given access to headquarters by prayer to advance this cause.When we try to turn it into a civilian intercom to increase our conveniences,it stops working, and our faith begins to falter. We have so domesticated prayer that for many of us it is no longer what it was designed to be-a war-time walkie-talkie for the accomplishment of Christ’s mission.

John Piper, Let the Nations Be Glad, p. 51.


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One response to “what prayer is for

  • mariagorski09

    I needed to hear this again. I’ve no doubt in the power of prayer. I’m acquainted with its practical application. What I do forget, is to encourage others in their prayer life. I can be a bit myopic, being shut in at home most of the time, and I lose focus on the ways that I can be of service to my Christian family. Thank you Paul.

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