more go than stay

In order to start recapturing the scattered, newly formed language groups of the world, God called Abram in Genesis 12 to mobility. The first word out of God’s mouth to Abram is “Go.” Check this out: He says it over 1600 times in the Bible. The Bible only says “stay” a couple hundred times, and most of the places you find “stay,” it is said by those who are trying to get God’s people not to obey. It is this way in Scripture, because God knows our nature. He knows that when it comes down to it, we are homebodies.  We kind of like sticking together in Babel. We like to stay with our own kind, our father’s household, our people, our food, so God says “Go!”

John Willis Zumwalt, Passion for the Heart of God, page 56

Of course no one ever sings "Stay, tell it on the mountain" or "Let my people stay."

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