willing to die?

An overseas Korean pastor met secretly with Christians in North Korea, encouraging them that they were not forgotten by people in the West. Once the believers learned that he was a minister, they pleaded with him to baptize some converts.

“Are you willing to die for Jesus?” the pastor asked each person before he baptized them.

Every one nodded affirmatively.

Later the people asked him to serve the Eucharist, which he gladly did. Some of the elderly Christians had not received communion in forty years.

A few days later, a group of Christians from a nearby town arrived, excitedly responding to a word-of-mouth of the pastor’s visit. When they were told he had already departed, they “fell to their knees and began pounding the ground with their fists.”

from “Their Blood Cries Out” by Paul Marshall p. 96
quoting Andrew Wark, “North Korea’s Hidden Church,” News Network International, January 16, 1995


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